Genetic Material Optimizer

The Genetic Material Optimizer is a tool that will automatically adjust your materials’ absorption coefficients in order to get a closer match with measured results. This is useful when designing acoustical treatment for a new room and the model must match the real room, but some materials are not well known. Alternatively, you can define a target range for parameters in a new room, in order bring your parameters within the desired range.

Available in Odeon Auditorium and Odeon Combined

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Genetic Material Optimizer tutorial

0:00 Intro
1:10 Genetic algorithms
1:50 Defining the model and jobs
2:45 Loading measurements from impulse responses
4:21 Loading measurements from a spreadsheet
6:33 Defining target range curves
7:18 Selecting parameters for the optimization
8:35 Setting the accuracy
9:04 Making a backup of your model
9:34 The Genetic Material Optimizer
10:19 Setting the search range
12:20 Running the optimization
13:24 Best fitting and last error decrease
14:18 Adjustment of materials
15:00 Summary of procedure

ForumAcousticum2014 – Genetic Algorithms

This presentation on Genetic Algorithms was originally made for Forum Acusticum 2014.

0:00​ Intro and agenda
0:47​ Problem to be solved
1:21​ Genetic Algorithms
3:18​ Target acoustic parameters
3:58​ Fitness function and JND
6:07​ Defining search space
7:10​ Auditorium case study
8:23​ Error before and after fitting
9:27​ Simulated vs. measured results
10:57​ Estimation of resonator panel resonance
11:50​ Demonstration of material optimizer
13:40​ Conclusions