Tutorials about Colour Grids

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Introduction to Color Grids

A grid in ODEON is a set of regularly spaced receivers, where the acoustic parameters are displayed with colors. ODEON interpolates the grid to create a smooth map, even with a modest number of receivers. Grids can be defined automatically and quickly, and then adjusted manually.

This is only a short introduction.

0:00​ Intro
0:25​ Viewing parameters and frequencies
1:37​ Settings before calculating grids
2:43​ Calculating the grid
3:26​ Viewing grid results

Defining and using Color Grids

A comprehensive guide on defining grids automatically and manually, as well as adjusting them.

0:00 Intro
0:41 Define Grid window
2:03 Auto-grid detection
3:36 Grid density
4:03 Grid height
5:27 Define groups from layers
6:24 Calculating grid response
7:21 Viewing grid response
7:49 Interpolation and viewing parameters
9:11 Adjusting the scale range
9:59 Displaying grid groups and jobs
10:28 Exporting color map
11:05 Changing color scales and ranges
12:51 Contour plots
13:40 Visualizing direct sound
14:52 Manually defining grids
16:04 Vertical grids
17:31 Manually defining grid groups
19:10 Distribution graph
20:50 Auto scaling properties
22:07 Define source/receiver at grid
23:21 Grids at arbitrary locations
24:21 Outro

Exporting nice and clear figures

Tips on exporting great figures for your reports, using a grid response as an example.

0:00​ Intro
0:13​ Figure and text size
0:42​ Setting default figure size
1:43​ Image formats
2:23​ Rotate, drag, zoom
3:26​ Hiding lines and objects
4:36​ Perspective projection, rulers, units
5:50​ Setting manual ranges
6:35​ Color scales
7:20​ Outro

Custom color scales

0:00 Intro
0:29 Generating color scales
1:24 Format of the color scale file
2:14 Inserting color codes
3:14 Saving and selecting the scale
3:53 Scales for contour maps
4:29 Defining labels
5:48 Smooth colours
6:26 Finding the color scale files
7:02 Outro