Ray tracing and hybrid methods

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Ray tracing and hybrid methods in room acoustics

Simulations in the Odeon software are based on hybrid methods combining ray tracing, image source modelling, and secondary source modelling. The video describes how ray tracing works and has been improved with vector based scattering; how the image source method works and can create a reflectogram; and how the hybrid method combines ray tracing and secondary source modelling for late reflections. Finally, is shown how particle tracing works as an extension of raytracing as an efficient tool to estimate the reverberation time in a room.

0:00​ Intro
0:32​ Ray tracing
0:59​ Image sources for early reflections
1:59​ Secondary sources for late reflections
3:18​ Decay curves
3:46​ Hybrid methods
4:19​ Reflection models
4:50​ Vector-based scattering
5:56​ Particle tracing
6:22​ Global decay and reverberation
6:58​ Reflection paths distribution
7:10​ ODEON development history