Tutorials about Room Setup

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Calculation parameters, noise & air conditions

This video covers the impulse response length and number of late rays. These are the most important calculation parameters, which should always be manually defined for every room model. Other miscellaneous parameters are also described, such as background noise for STI and air conditions for air absorption.

0:00 Intro
0:38 Impulse response length
1:35 Quick Estimate
2:48 ODEON’s calculation methods
3:36 Number of late rays
5:44 Global Estimate
6:29 Ray loss
7:10 Outdoor simulations
8:11 Background noise for STI
9:19 Air conditions and model check
9:57 Outro

Specialist settings

Many users do not need to change the values in the specialist settings, but for the experienced user it can be a way to change the calculations in ODEON.

0:00 Intro
0:39 Impulse response details
1:32 Transition order
2:50 Early rays
3:26 Angular absorption and diffraction
4:15 Scattering methods
4:49 Reflection-based scattering
5:45 More scattering settings