ODEON 10 Downloads

Instructions to install the full version 10.10

The full installers are available below – download the installers – unzip the installer from the zip files and run the installer. A patch to Odeon 10.13 is available below the full installers – if you already have Odeon 10.x installed you should just install the patch, not the full installers.

Instructions to update to 10.13

Instructions for installation

  • Download the relevant patch e.g. OdeonCombinedPatch1013.zip

  • Unzip it e.g. to your desktop

  • The zip file contains a number of files, copy these files to your current Odeon program folder e.g. in C:\Program files\Odeon10Combined\. The files replaces files currently installed on your PC, you may need administrator rights to do this.

  • For version 10.13 it is necessary to download a material file and save it in the Odeon10Combined/Materials folder to follow the new Odeon Material library structure