Quick Start Guides

For learning Odeon

The Quick Start Guide is a short version of the manual, that helps you getting familiar with ODEON in a couple of hours. Working on a very simple example you can learn about the basic tools and how to use them. Please find the Quick Start Guide for your edition below:

 ODEON Basics – Quick Start Guide

 ODEON Industrial – Quick Start Guide

 ODEON Auditorium – Quick Start Guide

 ODEON Combined (or ODEON demo) – Quick Start Guide


University lab exercise

For learning Odeon

Download a free exercise in pdf originally from the Technical University of Denmark used as an afternoon exercise for master students in acoustic technology.
From March 2009, the exercise comes with the free trial or the full ODEON installation, and will be available from the ODEON folder under All Programs.
Rooms for the exercise are specially prepared and available directly in the Free demo version.