Listen to auralizations

Comprehensive overview of auralizations, including simulating an orchestra

A thorough video on auralizations, with Spanish subtitles included (via the YouTube interface).

This video goes over:

  • Auralization examples from our website
  • Enabling auralizations within ODEON
  • What are binaural impulse responses
  • Anechoic recordings included in ODEON
  • Setting up auralizations in the mixer
  • Calculating and playing auralizations
  • Real-time auralizations using “Streaming Convolution”
  • Wavepacks, additional anechoic recordings from our website
  • Tabulating sources
  • Multi source/signal auralization expert

Auralization of Measured Impulse Responses

A quick video where an impulse response that is loaded into ODEON is played, and is used to produce an auralization of speech.


Making a full violin section

Using the AudioFX tool in ODEON you can make auralizations of a full violin section from just one audio source, sounding truly like different instruments and musicians. This video goes through the difference in sound with and without using the Audio FX tool, how you make one audio source into multiple, and how to set up a group of eg. violins based on the audio files made by the Audio FXs tool.


Using the WavePacks with ODEON 15

Make full orchestra simulations in any room model using the WavePack I and Wavepack II available to download in the anechoic recordings.


Crowd Auralizations part 0

Crowd Auralizations part 1

Crowd Auralizations part 2