Importing/Exporting Geometry

For all acoustical simulations you will need to import a geometry into ODEON. The geometry can be modeled in many different 3D programs. Normally we recommend using SketchUp, since it is the easiest to work with together with ODEON, but a range of other software work as well.

Using Sketchup together with ODEON

ODEON has made a free plugin for Sketchup, making it easier than ever to change the geometry while working with the acoustic simulations in ODEON.


Importing DXF files into ODEON

Learn how to import DXF files from a CAD program into ODEON and fix problems with the geometry.


How to Export from AutoDesk REVIT for use in Odeon

This video shows how a 3D geometry can be exported from AutoDesk Revit and imported into the Room Acoustics Software ODEON.