ISO 3382 parameters

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The ISO 3382 parameters. Can we measure them? Can we simulate them?

This is a video for the presentation given by Claus Lynge Christensen at ISRA 2013 Conference in Toronto, Canada.

0:00 Intro and outline
1:08 Simulations and measurements in Odeon
3:23 Onset of impulse response
5:19 Truncation of impulse response
7:35 Warning of non-linear decay
8:42 Compensation for truncation and noise
9:15 Automatic detection of best hand clap
10:28 Case studies: auditorium and cathedral
11:54 Deriving T30 without and with corrections
13:39 Reproducibility varying position
16:41 Using different excitation signals
18:00 Sensitivity to position in case studies
19:56 Conclusions