Load & analyse impulse responses

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Load and analyse impulse responses

If you possess the WAV file of an impulse response, even if it was obtained from outside of ODEON, you can load it into ODEON and derive the room acoustic parameters from it. You can even load multiple impulse responses at once for statistical results.

0:00 Intro
0:25 How to load an impulse response example
1:04 Onset time, truncation time and octave bands
1:57 Performing snapshot measurements with a smartphone
2:51 Viewing decay curves
3:15 Manual onset and truncation times
5:17 Processed decay curves
6:19 Viewing room acoustic parameters
7:49 Frequency response, cepstrum, and spectrogram
8:22 “Play It!” feature for easy auralisation
9:53 Loading multiple impulse responses
10:40 Viewing individual and statistical results
13:06 Outro