Acoustics subway station

Acoustics in subway station Back to PA system examples This is a model of an underground station. A free field recording of an electric train (Danish 2nd generation S-train) is ‘played back’ through a line source at the rails. The announcement is played through a number of loudspeakers – the frequency response of the loudspeakers […]

Dubai Metro Station

dubai station

PA-system at Dubai Metro station Back to PA system examples Atkins is the lead designer for the Japanese-Turkish JV and the Dubai Rapid Link Consortium (DURL) for the design-build of the Red and Green Lines of the Dubai Metro. Part of the multidisciplinary commission includes specialist designs to meet the acoustic criteria so that audibility of […]

Copenhagen Central Station

copenhagen train station

Array loudspeakers in Copenhagen Central Station Back to PA system examples The new PA system with 20 line array loudspeakers in the main hall of Copenhagen central Railway station has been modelled with Odeon. The hall is about 190000 m3 and has a reverberation time of 4 s. The loudspeaker installations were made in collaboration with Duran Audio and AV-huset. […]

PA system on Oil Platform

PA system on Oil Platform Back to PA system examples This is an example of calculations with a PA voice alarm system for an off-shore oil platform. The background noise is assumed to be 85 dB(A) with a pink noise spectrum, i.e. the same SPL in all octave bands. Even though speech is played back […]