Genetic algorithms (Forum Acusticum 2014)

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Genetic Algorithms (ForumAcousticum2014)

The Genetic Material Optimizer is a tool for modifying materials in the room in order to match simulated room acoustic parameters to measured ones. This is very useful when an existing room needs to be improved acoustically using simulations, while the real materials are not completely known. Using this tool makes it possible to “calibrate” the ODEON model to the real one.

This presentation was originally made for Forum Acusticum 2014.

0:00​ Intro and agenda
0:47​ Problem to be solved
1:21​ Genetic Algorithms
3:18​ Target acoustic parameters
3:58​ Fitness function and JND
6:07​ Defining search space
7:10​ Auditorium case study
8:23​ Error before and after fitting
9:27​ Simulated vs. measured results
10:57​ Estimation of resonator panel resonance
11:50​ Demonstration of material optimizer
13:40​ Conclusions