Introductions to ODEON

Below you will find introduction videos. They will show you the very basics of the ODEON workflow. The videos can also be used with the DEMO edition. However, if using Basics, Industrial or Auditorium, a few of the shown functions may not available in your edition.

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Comparing editions of ODEON 17

A showcase of ODEON’s features, categorized by edition.

0:00 Intro
0:43 ODEON Basics
4:45 ODEON Industrial & Auditorium
5:39 ODEON Industrial
6:59 ODEON Auditorium
11:33 Free demo and feature sheet

New features in ODEON 18

A showcase of ODEON’s features, categorized by edition.

0:00 Intro
0:08 New high-resolution interface
0:27 Soundscape app
1:42 360 auralisation
2:25 Importing IFC BIM
2:49 Layer mode
3:35 Compare and average multi-point responses
4:25 Loading IRs to multi-point jobs
5:08 Clickable options in hedgehog plots
5:51 Rescaling HRTFs
6:05 Resample wave files
6:18 Alternative material color scales

1-minute introduction to workflow in ODEON

An extremely simplified introduction to the ODEON software. Only very few elements of the software are introduced, but it gives a general idea of the software’s features.

If you would like to look through the steps in more detail, we’d recommend you go through our quick start guide, or check our other tutorials.