Room Acoustics lecture by J. H. Rindel

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Room Acoustics lecture by ODEON founder: "An Approach Based on Waves and Particles"

Jens Holger Rindel, the founder of ODEON Room Acoustics Software, gives a lecture on room acoustics: “Room Acoustics – an Approach Based on Waves and Particles”; a 74 min. overview covering topics such as modes in a room, reflections, scattering, ray tracing, head-related transfer function and room acoustic parameters. Originally presented at the 1st EAA EuroRegio in Ljubljana, Slovenia in September 2010.

0:00 Intro and outline
1:08 Sabine, father of room acoustics
4:10 Modes in a room and Schroeder frequency
8:49 Sound reflection
15:23 Reverberation time
19:31 Non-diffuse rooms
22:48 Scattering
27:07 Diffraction from finite reflectors
35:50 Scattering coefficient
41:11 Curved reflectors
43:33 Computer modelling
51:47 HRTF and auralisation
55:28 Speech levels and the Lombard effect
1:01:15 Open plan offices
1:03:09 Music in rooms and orchestral simulations
1:12:06 Conclusion and outro