Odeon Industrial and Odeon Combined include extended source types, namely line source, surface source and multi surface source. This allows accurate modelling of industrial environments where the sound sources are not well represented by point sources.

The industrial machinery hall Studstrup was investigated in the Elsam project. Read more about this research in a conference paper from 1998 and another from 1999, by Claus Lynge Christensen and Hans Torben Foged.


For modelling large machines like the turbines in Studstrup turbine hall, it is efficient to make use of surface sources. Even with a simple modelled geometry ODEON predicts SPL(A) as measured.

The A-weighted Sound Pressure level was measured and modelled in ODEON in Studstrup turbine hall in 12 receiver points.

The radiated sound power from the turbines have been measured using intensity measuring techniques. The sound from each turbine has been modelled using 17 surface sources and two point sources.

Radiation from just one of the point sources used to model the machine.

With a roughly modelled geometry and estimated surface materials the comparison between measured and modelled SPL(A) showed an accuracy in prediction within 1 dB(A).


The sound energy and sound pressure level from different surface sources are displayed at receiver 12 below, and can easily be analyzed from the multipoint response in ODEON.